Naturally, Danny Seo Fills A Void

I like paper. I like paper thank you notes, paper calendars, paper books, and paper magazines. I like talking about paper. I like feeling quality paper. I even like smelling paper. (Not even Crane personalized stationary can top that freshly printed, new yearbook smell that screams of good memories and a summer just around the corner.)

No it comes as no surprise that when I found this magazine at my local grocery store checkout line, it was a spur of the moment purchase I couldn’t pass up.

Naturally, Danny Seo Magazine Cover

Food? Flowers? Travel? Home decor? And all with a green and dollar-friendly bent? Yes, please! But who in the world is this Danny Seo guy? (And how do I become his assistant!? And how did he steal my brand name? I mean Naturally, Danny Seo is pretty similar to Truly, Margaret Mary, no? I’m sure I was there first (she says sarcastically.))

Naturally Danny Seo Frozen Fruit Dessert Article

“Where style meets sustainability” could be one of my life mottos. I wish this was my back porch.

Naturally, Danny Seo Magazine Home Decor Article

Seriously, this guy came out of nowhere to me, yet seems like he’s been everywhere. He has a syndicated column in newspapers, lines of of wine, fragrance and bath products with his name on it, and has nine books on decorating, entertaining and crafts. Martha Stewart better watch her back. This guy is coming for her empire and I would definitely be a soldier for his side!

Naturally Danny Seo Magazine

If you like to cook, but don’t want to spend $60 and all day driving around to find the ingredients for one meal or like to redecorate your home in an Anthropologie style, yet with “I really went there” souvenir knick knacks then I highly suggest you pick this magazine up. Sure, you can find all of the articles on his web site, but then how do you fold over the pages and make notes?! I believe I found this at my local Pick N’ Save.

Naturally Danny Seo Food Article

Enjoy your weekend reading, whatever that may be!


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