Three Workouts For When You Are Stuck Inside

Ok, I get it. Unless I was writing this from Buffalo, NY, I really shouldn’t be allowed to complain about the weather, but I’ve never let rules stop me before. It’s officially cold and snowy here in Milwaukee, leaving me feeling like a hermit again. Add to my normal dislike of cold weather, the fact that Eggroll REALLY doesn’t like getting bundled up, nor put in her carseat, so it takes a feat of mental and physical strength just to get out the door.

Moral of the story – we are getting to the time of year when it’s really easy for me to skip the gym. Heck, yesterday morning we had no more than a dusting and I almost talked myself out of it. (On the other hand – free babysitting while I shower. That’s gonna win out every now and then!)

Last night I pinned a bunch of workouts that I can do here at home with minimal equipment. These could also be great ways to sneak in a quick workout while you travel next week or during the Christmas break.

Blogilates Total Body (7:35)

If you want to know a secret, when I’m looking for new moves to add to my pilates classes, I always go to Cassey at Blogilates. She has a lot of creative videos and printables to help you sneak in a workout where ever you can. This one is a quick, all-over calorie burner. Maybe a good way to start the day? Or warm up after shoveling??

Tone It Up Abs & Arms (14:30)

Sure, Katrina and Karena (yep…) of Tone It Up are stunners, but their workouts are approachable. Trying to find one without them prancing around looking like Victoria Secret models at the start was hard, but hey, maybe that would make me try harder. This one is a good mix of yoga moves and basic strength training to focus on your upper body.

BootyBarre Look Good Naked Workout (10:00)

That’s a big promise they are throwing out there – 10 minutes is all it takes to look good naked? Hmm… What if the 10 minutes before this I ate a chocolate chip cookie? Ah well, can’t hurt.

For an added bonus when you don’t have access to internet – here’s a workout you can print out and do whenever you’ve got four minutes to spare.

Quick workout you can do at home

What’s your favorite way to get a workout done at home?

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