Walker, Shorewood Ranger

Oh my. We officially have a walker. Eggroll took her first real steps on Christmas Day, but just over this last week did she really get her sealegs. And holy cats is she off to the races! Yesterday she chased Noah around for a good 15 minutes. Poor guy… Bet he didn’t realize all those dropped pieces of cheese were going to come with a price.

Since the only thing worse than a mom bragging that her kid can now walk is a mom sharing video of said activity, let me really go for broke and give you three, count ’em, THREE videos of Miss Eggroll learning how these appentages work.

First we have the “Looking Out the Window and Making Noise” Show.

Then we cut to “Carrying Around My Favorite Toy, I.E. Noah’s Back-Up Water Bowl That Makes A Lot of Noise” routine.

And finally, the “Look At Me, I Can Cover the Whole Upstairs (and Mama Really Needs To Get Dressed…)” grand finale!

Gosh, is she cute.


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