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Yesterday I googled “Mark Skarich” to see what was out there. (I suppose after looking up JS last week, I should probably look up my own dad this week!) Two interesting things came up.

An Article from the San Antonio Times
I’m guessing this is more of the police report for the week, but the most interesting part of this article is the comments section. If dad were here, he’d give a four page commentary on the fact that people ignore the big picture and instead comment on the grammar of the sentence. Instead of doing that for him, let me just say that wouldn’t it have been kind of cool if he was ejected 9 ½ miles? That’s enough time to register what is happening and the fact that you. are. flying.

Our Lady of Hungary Alumni Site
I think dad was like Jesus in that I never saw pictures of him as a teen…especially a pre-teen. Check out hunky 8th grader Mark in the graduating class of 1962. Also, there is a memorial page where there is none other than the famed Valerie Stover. For those that haven’t heard the story, whenever we had fondue, dad would say “don’t spill the hot oil or you’ll end up like Valerie Stover.” Well, one of the parts dad was able to donate was skin and I took solace in the fact he’d be helping the Valeries of the world. When I commented on this last week, none of dad’s brothers knew who she was. I thought she may be made up, but hey…there she is. (Peace to her family…)

Other things that come up include the IU Theta Chi site and a bunch of Tierra Linda stuff. Quite the little joiner, huh, dad?

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