My Word…

Ever have one of those days when life just slaps you upside the head with it’s grown-upiness?

My heart goes out to all of my friends dealing with life-altering situations. My prayers go to my own dramas. My meditation goes to work-related issues. (Maggie…work is just not that important!) My laughs go to the girls whose company I just enjoyed at a dinner party with homemade cheesecake and a good red wine.

My attention goes to my wedding plans. My frustration goes to my family. My dedication goes to one last semester of school. My jealousy goes to all these new mommies. My conversation goes to bypass surgeries and Roth 401K programs (and Unicorn Killers.)

My free time goes to laundry and dinner-making and waist-widdling exercise classes. My reading goes to Vanity Fair and My emailing goes to defending constitutional rights and negotiating with vendors of questionable repute.

Eek. And with that…I goes to bed. Good night!

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