Inspiration from My Trip to Texas

I spent the majority of last week down in Middle of Nowhere, Texas spending some quality time with my mom. It was a great visit! We stayed up late talking. We went shopping in Fredricksburg. We ate dinner at a surprisingly good Japanese steakhouse in Kerrville and we enjoyed a spa getaway at La Escondida Resort

This resort is popular because the Texas Country Reporter talks about it on his Sunday morning show. Who knew so many people watched that kind of television?!?

Anyway…these pictures aren’t really edited, but I thought they still would be fun to share. You never know when inspiration for a project or party may come from.

Enjoy y’all!

Red Jewels on a Stem
Saw this in the Christmas Store in Fredricksburg. Great idea to add a little sparkle to your holiday centerpiece.


Cherry and Almond Jelly
Cherries and almonds are one of my favorite food pairings, so this jelly did not disappoint. I may or may not have eaten more than an appropriate sample size. Lesson – use familiar combinations in unique concoctions.
Heaven Wire Home Decor
Such a simple, but lovely wall hanging.
Pillows made from seed bags
These pillows were a great way to reuse wild flower seed bags. I think they are at waterproof, so they would be fun decorations for inside or outside parties.
Bright Bedroom Decor
Of course I don’t remember the name of this store in Fredricksburg, but I would buy everything to decorate my house. This bright, eclectic style is so me. What do you think?
Linen Signage for Parties
This was a fun idea to create a sign out of pretty fabric or vintage napkins.
Cow in the Garden
My parents spent 30+ years living in the heart of the city where the biggest backyard issue was squirrels. Now this is what she sees when looking out the backdoor.
Children & Horses at Play
This sign made me giggle. How can you make your house or party guests smile upon arrival?
Texas Wildflowers
The picture isn’t the best, but the wildflowers were just great! This was the first time I’d been to Texas in October. It is a gorgeous time of year.
Deer in the Woods
This deer was trying to hide. And was doing a surprisingly good job for just being behind a few sticks…
Vintage floral lamp
I stared at this lamp every morning growing up. Makes sense that I’m using flowers and vintage stuff in my career now. Where do you find inspiration?
Yellow Texas Wildflowers
This plant was like bright yellow baby’s breath. It would look great as a big bouquet or centerpiece paired with a navy blue bridesmaids dress or tablecloth.
Another cow in the garden
My parents have an affinity for yard art. The more ridiculous, the better. That said, it gives even this generic garden some personality. Fun.
Texas Architecture
See this porch? I WILL have a big porch like this in my dream house someday.
Cows on the Road
It takes a good 15 minutes to get from my mom’s house to the entrance to the ranch. These guys added a little more time. The standoff was a little more difficult than your more typical geese parade.
Vaya Con Dios
I’m not particularly religious, nor that big a Spanish speaker. That said, this send-off gets me every time I leave Tierra Linda. An inspiring finale for an inspiring time.
Shiner Blonde Beer in Shiner Country
When in Rome…er, or at a motorcycle bar at the top of a hill in Shiner’s hill country backyard.
Mom and Me in Texas
I almost forgot to take a picture of us! I had to chase down Mom’s car as we were parting ways on Sunday to take this. It’s a silly self-portrait, but I may frame it. Great memories.


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