Grateful for Time With My Men

Pretty soon we’ll even up the male vs. female teams around these parts, but before we do, I’m really glad we had a good Christmas break to enjoy being just the three of us. Randy was off of work for most of the time between Christmas and New Years so we did a lot of fun, quiet stuff.

Here are some highlights.

corgi in the snow
One of us shoveled. Another stayed inside. Another liked playing in the snow (and with his dad…)
corgi in the snow
No really… He REALLY likes the snow.
Prepping Holiday turkey
We brined a turkey and made a full Christmas dinner for 6.
Christmas dinner 2013
And then enjoyed it with fancy china on Christmas. And as leftovers FOREVER after that.
Cranberry French Toast
We slept in every morning and enjoyed a hot breakfast more mornings than not.
I made an amazing French Toast casserole for Christmas day.
The Perfect Omelette
Randy made THE BEST omelette of my life on New Year’s Day. No one can make an egg as fluffy as he can!
Corgi in the kitchen
Noah seemed pretty stoked to have us both around. The company is great, but the potential for more dropped food is too good to be missed!
Working on homemade curtains
We worked on projects for Eggroll’s room and other spaces around the house.
Christmas presents
We played with our new presents.
Corgi Napping
And took a lot of naps.
Heaven - chocolate, a book and a bath
I plowed through a bunch of “for fun” reading and took more baths than recommended. I swear I’m part fish!
34 weeks pregnant
We went to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve, but came home before midnight to celebrate as just us.
And to take the obligatory weekly pic. Here’s 34 weeks pregnant.
I know this isn’t a great picture, but doesn’t Noah look like a tap-dancing Yoda??

 Happy New Years from Maggie and Randy


 It was a perfect several days together. Seriously, I don’t know how I got so lucky…

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