What I’m Reading – Parenting Books and Holistic Health Ideas

Yesterday I told you all about the fun books I’m reading. That’s not to say that the books below aren’t fun. They are fun AND educational. Would I read them over and over again? No. But I have made notes in the margins so I can reference them when the appropriate time comes.

Let’s start with the baby books. Just like I purposely didn’t have a birth plan, I tried not to read too many baby books before Eggroll’s arrival. I was afraid these books would overwhelm me and make me even more anxious about all the things I didn’t know and/or could happen.

Everyone said I shouldn’t listen to the advice strangers would want to give me (after giving me their 15 minute lecture on how to be the best parent…) and I’m taking that adage to heart for the books, too. There are SOOOOO many opinions out there, it’s hard to wade through to figure out your own until you’ll living the parental life.

I do believe these two parenting books are geared more towards an older new parent. They don’t necessarily cover the basics of new babies all that well, but they do discuss issues that a thirty-something mom is thinking about such as her career, her sex life, and the perception she gives off to those watching her. That’s what I need to talk about. My friends that have been moms for awhile can show me how to deal with diaper rash…

Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting by Pamela Druckerman

bringing_up_bebeThis phrase from the Bringing Up Bébé book’s description summarizes why I like this book so much:

“French mothers assume that even good parents aren’t at the constant service of their children and that there’s no need to feel guilty about this. “

Brilliance. I want to give Eggroll my all, but I also want her to be able to do things on her own and to appreciate her mom and dad have more to give the world than just being her parents. And if I can get her to sleep through the night and eat her vegetables earlier… well, all the better.

Yes, I know this book sounds great in theory but would have a tough time coming to fruition in real American life, but a girl can dream, right?!

The Working Gal’s Guide to Babyville: Your Must-Have Manual for Life With Baby by Paige Hobey with Allison Neid

The Working Gal's Guide to BabyvilleYou can probably guess from the title of this book that it focuses a lot on the options and issues that go into balancing work with a new baby. It really covers ALL of the options in great detail without promoting one over another. If you are a new mom who really doesn’t know how she wants to approach this next chapter of life, I can’t recommend this book enough.

And in the meantime, Dr. Neid also peppers in great insight on the actual raising of baby. In particular, I think they cover sleeping habits very well. We’re going to try some of their ideas in hopes that Eggroll becomes a good eater and sleeper!


The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You by Jessica Alba

The_honest_life_by_Jessica_AlbaNext up, let’s talk holistic health. I’ve already told you about The Happiness Project which I think is one of the most important books I will read this year. Additionally, this book by yes, that Jessica Alba, who is yes, promoting that line of diapers, has given me a few good ideas when it comes to parenting and trying to live life a bit more naturally.

I do believe this book probably started as a marketing piece to promote The Honest Company brand of products, but I like that Ms. Alba shares things that she just isn’t going to change in the name of being green. As an example, in the make-up chapter, she admits to using retinoid cream because it’s what makes her skin look it’s best, chemicals be damned. While I may strive to be more holistic in my life, I’m frankly… not. Books like this remind me that little steps will get me closer. And in the meantime, they also give me lists of vegetables that are fine to purchase even if they aren’t organic…

 What are your favorite parenting books?

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