Yoga Off the Mat – Checking In

Yoga Off the Mat Teaching SeriesToday marks week 10 of my Yoga Off the Mat series and week 8 of the new year’s intentions, goals, etc. This brings us to a great time to check in. How are you doing with your 2014 intentions?

We are just two months in, but that is plenty of time to get bored or sidetracked or have something new come into your life (like an adorable baby who you would rather stare at for hours than do things like exercise, write or, I don’t know, brush your teeth…).

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Go back to your list and see how you’re doing. Remember, baby steps are sometimes the best type of step! It means you are getting there, not going backwards.

I have mentioned before that when practicing yoga, one tries to just observe, not to judge. This is sometimes a bigger challenge than the original issue in the first place, but do know all is not lost if you’re not yet where you wanted to be. It has only been two months, right?

That said, this is also not yet the time to give up. Shake off the missteps and get back on plan, young lady or gent!

As for my 2014 goals, well… I didn’t expect much from February short of bringing a baby into the world. I’m doing a decent job at my first goal – focus on just Eggroll, me and Randy for the first six weeks of Eggroll’s life – and intention – experience.  This has been a crazy couple of weeks, but I’m doing my best to take it all in. As a matter of fact, I originally wrote this post on Friday, January 24th to get it (and the rest of the February posts) out of the way before her arrival. How can you work ahead to make sure goals are achieved?

I am keeping a journal solely for Eggroll’s benefit. I’m not writing in it everyday, but I’ve already shared some good nuggets that will teach 18-year-old Eggroll about her mom. I will be launching my first e-book in March in the hopes of inspiring my readers and I’ve been doing a lot of reading for fun when I can keep my eyes open.

My physical body has gone to hell, but that’s too be expected. Back in January, I told Randy child-birth is like intentionally breaking your leg before starting a marathon. You can have all the preparation in the world, but after the pain and exhaustion of childbirth, it’s hard to keep to a healthy food and exercise program (let alone hygiene standards that one expects in a first world country.) Moral of the story – I’m going to let all this go for at least another few weeks. I’ve got the rest of the year to get back in shape.

So that’s me. Tell me how things are going for you.

What can we do to inspire each other to keep moving forward?


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