Fun Stuff for the Fourth of July

I sometimes think I like the Fourth of July more than Christmas. If it weren’t for presents, I think it would be a draw. The Fourth of July wins based on weather, location (outside vs. in), and dessert. Fact: brownies always beat out pie.

Here are a few things I need to make it a perfect summer holiday.

An Afternoon On Or By Water

Hanging_At_Atwater_Park_Fourth_Of_JulyI love living so close to a Great Lake, but there is really only about three weeks out of the year where you dare dip your toes in the water. The beginning of July is probably still too early, but at least the weather is finally summer-like. (Well, usually… It’s only 62 degrees today! Gross!!) An afternoon hanging on a beach or a boat would be on my top five afternoons anytime, but on the fourth it seems like everything moves more slowly and you’ve got nothing but time to just hang.

I like just hanging, don’t you?


Dueling Fireworks

Fourth_Of_July_Adult_In_Cozy_CoupeSpeaking of just hanging – my Milwaukee BFF has the best spot for firework viewing in all of Milwaukee right at her doorstep. Girlfriend lives right on the Cudahy/St. Francis border putting her BBQ right on the front row to both town’s fireworks display. Nikki has the best family who I’ve known forever. They all stop by at some point during the day, giving this a Thanksgiving-like air. Of course, my high school girlfriends and their family also make it great. And Nikki, well, she never disappoints.

As a bonus, if I leave pretty soon after this display is over, I can see all the other little municipalities as I drive home around town. Or, did see them. I guess I probably won’t get much just coming north back to Shorewood.

Baked Potato Dip

I made this dip from Brown Eyed Baker for the Dueling Fireworks party two years ago and now I don’t think  I can go without. Kind of like how I only allow myself Lucky Charms when I’m with Amber, I can only make this dip on this day. Otherwise, I would eat it all the time!! It’s a substantial dip, so you need a thick chip like the Ruffles brand. None of this baked chip nonsense either. Go big or go home, people.

I have another calorie-laden treat planned for the day (it’s a free day on the Clean Eating Challenge!), but I might have to make this, too. Hmm…


USA spelled out in sparklers
Photo credit to One Good Thing By Jillee

Does the Forth of July even exist if there are no sparklers? I would argue no. These are the best way to let everyone play with fire. (Yah, toddlers and fire!) AND they can practice spelling their name. Win/win, no?

Go forth and have a wonderful Fourth of July, friends!

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