Three Hour Tour of My Trip to Key West

As you will shortly see, this post is obknoxiously long, so please visit here if you want to see pictures…We got some good ones! To use the words of an old boss of mine, this post is not timely nor relevant (shout out to my Alliance peeps!), but it does […]

It’s Been A Long Time, Glad To See Your Face

It’s Been A Long Time, Glad To See Your Face

  Well, hello there, stranger! How ya been? I’ve learned something over the last few weeks that boggles my mind…I have a following! Who knew that people were actually waiting with baited breath for me to expel some of these off the wall thoughts into the interwebs? Ok, ‘baited breath’ […]

Give Me A Buzz If You Getta Chance…

Back story 1: Mom had told me she was going to Sprint yesterday to turn in her phone and have it exchanged for dad’s. Back story 2: I have both cell phone numbers and their home number listed as “ice Mom and Dad” So I wake up at 6:30 and […]

Thank Goodness for Goodness

Picture this: We’re driving back to the hospital for what seemed like the 800th time. The four of us were all kinda quiet, lost in our own thoughts. Mom was the first to admit she was in a low moment and asked someone to tell a joke. A: I got […]