Deep Thoughts

I Think I’m Alone Now

I risk making you think I’m manic depressive by following the last post with this one, but you know what…my blog, my rules. (Or maybe that’s just the Crazy talking.) This weekend was good, but Monday called out another round of I Miss My Best Friend. Have you done this […]

Life Moves On, And So Do We

It has been a week since I’ve put up a post, but I feel like I’m in-between writing-worthy events. I’m not gonna lie…this weekend was a hard one. I actually think it was harder for me than the funeral service in Texas. People keep saying this service was really nice, […]

So It Is Going To Be That Kind of Weekend

So It Is Going To Be That Kind of Weekend

Here’s what I bought at the grocery store last night:This was BEFORE I found a Noah “accident” on the one (6X4) rug in my house, mom’s plane was an hour late, and none of us slept all night. My Lean Cuisine was NOT one I’d recommend, so I’m going to […]

Your Emergency Broadcast System

Hey kiddies, its time for the afterschool special, public service announcement. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that mom only found dad by calling around to different police departments. This is uncool by any means, but even harder to wrap our heads around was the fact that dad kept phone […]

When Do We Go To Recess?

Whoa, doggies. In honor of this blog’s title, this weekend was totally about not playing grown-up anymore. It started off with a wonderful glass of wine and $20 dinner with my grown-up friends at Kil@wat restaurant. Then Saturday, I worked on the garden and the hair (got to cover the […]