Deep Thoughts

To the Class of 2009-Go Antlers!

As promised, here are my thoughts for Sarah and all the high school graduates of 2009. (OMG…class of 2009…that’s just gross.) You’re going to hear it a million times…college is the best time of your life. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that, but it is a damn fine […]

Attaperson, Sarah!!

I’ve got a great post a’brewing in honor of my cousin Sarah who is graduating from high school tomorrow. It’s not going to make its way to the keyboard tonight though, so let me just say… CONGRATULATIONS, SARAH!!! I am so proud of you, girl! I can’t wait hear all […]

The Boots Should Have Tipped Me Off

You know how I said dad made the point to wait to leave until mom had her aunt Judy by her side? Well, I think he made sure Magical James (MJ from here on out) was there for me. He knew having my friends with me would be all well […]

Excuse Me While I Tattoo “Batting Averages” On My Arm

Going through emails and found another timely one from dad. This was originally written February 28, 2008._______________________________ The lunch spot I went to was about 2 miles south of Rockport. You’re right, neat town. Mag, how much was the triatholon fees? I’ll pay them. Maggie I think I understand what […]