Laughter is the Best Medicine for a Fun, Old-Fashioned Christmas

Looks like the holidays are really going for the sneak attack this year. Do you realize there are only two weekends left before you probably need to be traveling over rivers and through woods to grandmother’s house for Christmas? How did this happen??

This holiday season I’m doing a lot of reflecting on my yoga practice and how I can pass on the teachings to others. I want to show y’all that taking a moment to relax, particularly during this stressful time of the year, is so beneficial to your health – both physically and mentally.

Today’s exercise is a simple meditation. Find a comfortable chair. Put on some headphones so you don’t hear the distraction of others. Perhaps turn down the lights and take a few deep, quiet breaths before pressing play.


Gosh, I love this movie. It is the perfect proof that Christmas will NOT go according to plan. Perhaps it will see your plan, rip up the gift list and menus, make funny faces in your direction, and run the other way. But you know what – that’s what the good memories are made of.

If only I had been watching this on Thanksgiving morn, when covered in fried onions, raw bread dough, Randy’s dirty Kleenexes and my tears…

Enjoy these weeks leading up to the big holiday! Don’t let yourself get too stressed and if you do, know there is always a funny movie, a cat in a box, or a jello mold to look forward to.

And if all else fails, always remember the wise words of our favorite fake family member in how to deal with the bad stuff life hands you…

Merry Christmas - Shitter was full.

Namaste, friends. Namaste.


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