30 Second Review – Aveeno Body Wash and Lotion

Again in the spirit of not taking ourselves too seriously during August, I need to remember to not take my toiletries so seriously. That may not make sense to dudes (or anyone who’s not as OCD as I am), but I can get a bit uppity about my make-up, hair products, et. al. I do these product reviews as a reminder to you (and me!) that not everything needs to be hand-crafted and locally produced. Sometimes things you can buy at Walmart (*shutter*) work just fine.

Example A – Aveeno Body Wash and Lotion

Aveeno Body wash & Lotion ReviewActually, I haven’t met an Aveeno product that hasn’t worked for me since the Great Allergic Reaction to Panda Express of 1998 where their oatmeal baths were the only thing that kept me from fully turning into a lizard. But even when I’m not covered head-to-toe in hives, Aveeno is just what the doctor ordered.

We started using the lotion because, frankly, it was on sale the day I needed lotion. Turns out that this lotion works for both Randy’s sensitive skin and my moisture-sucking skin. It covers nicely, leaving the skin feeling soft, yet dries fast enough that you can put on clothes immediately after application. While it’s not without it’s chemically-enhanced ingredients, I find that in a pinch, this can work great as a face lotion, too. No pimples or weird face rashes, which is more than I can say about some of the others out there.

(Warning – while doing research for this post, I stumbled upon this article about petrolatum, AKA petroleum jelly, an ingredient in the Aveeno lotion. I (sometimes) contend that everything we encounter these days may cause cancer and have not experienced any of these symptoms, but you should proceed with caution…)

Aveeno Body Wash ReviewThe body wash was a recent buy after a comparison purchase. We received a package of Aveeno baby products per our Eggroll gift registry, which included a bottle of grown-up body wash for mom. We used it up when we were both too tired to go grocery shopping. The next time we needed a bottle, I bought Dove, which worked OK, but did not produce any lather. Also, it didn’t do much for our delicate skin, even though that’s their marketing ploy.

I know I’m succumbing to unnecessary details, but what can I say, I like my soap to lather. I also like deals, which it seems can always be found for Aveeno.

Since I first used it in 1998, Aveeno has figured out a better scent combination so you don’t feel like you are using breakfast to get yourself clean and moisturized. The prices can’t be beat. If you can get over some of the ingredients, then this might just be the perfect brand for your family’s needs, too.

What’s your favorite cheap-o toiletry?

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