30 Second Review – John Frieda Luminous Colour Glaze

John Frieda Hair Gloss Brilliant Brunette ReviewA few weeks ago I felt like my hair was looking very drab. Since we’re now in the time of year when I take super hot showers, I think I was rinsing the rich, brown color straight out of my hair. I wasn’t yet due for a trip to the salon, so I thought I’d try this product I stumbled into, John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Luminous Color Glaze¬†for brown hair.

The verdict?


Before John Frieda Hair Gloss

After just one use, the shine came back to my hair. The color didn’t change much; if anything, it got a bit more “chocolate pudding” than “decadent chocolate mousse”, which is not what I wanted. But after the second (and more with the third, forth and so on…) the color hit the exact mark I was looking for.

After John Frieda Hair Gloss for Brunettes

The product itself isn’t too drippy, but it does stain your skin if you don’t wash it off right away. (Face soap is next up in my shower routine. This product cleaned off my hands with no problem.) Some how my hair even took less time to blow dry when I used this John Frieda hair product.

The price is perfect, not to replace your regular hair color, but to extend the life of what you got.

Or you could take cooler and/or shorter showers.


Have you tried John Frieda products before? Do they work for you or do you have a better hair color-keeper remedy I should try?


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