Braise Culinary School Experience

I’m a life-long learner, which for me normally means marketing lingo and yoga techniques. No longer! In the fall of 2014 I am participating in Braise’s Culinary School 10-week long program where we are covering all you need to know to be a great home chef.

It’s a blast and I am learning so much! Here I thought I was a decent cook before. Whew! Consider me like an oyster – freshly shucked from the bottom of the sea floor to share pearls (of wisdom) and tasty treats as I ingest them. Enjoy!

Milwaukee Cooking School Student at Braise

Here are the weekly recaps as they happen:

Week 1 – Knife Skills

What did I learn in week one of cooking school? That I know nothing! (And how to cut stuff…)

Setting The Scene For Braise Cooking School

Since I wasn’t in class this week, let me give you a little breakdown of what the Braise Culinary School classroom is like, so you can really play along at home.

Week 3 – Getting Saucy

We got saucy in week three of cooking school at Braise. I give you the cliffnotes and a recipe for homemade mayo.

Week 4 – Should You Throw Away Your Cookbooks?

This week’s lesson is easy in theory, but hard to comprehend – You can throw away your cookbooks. You do not need them. Whoa…

Week 5 – An Op-Ed On Homemade Pasta

Fresh pasta is tasty, sure, but is it worth all the effort? Jury is still out on that issue, but we know this brown butter sage sauce is worth any bit of effort!

Week 6 – Veggies and Grains As Farro The Eye Can See

This week at Braise was all about veggies and grains which are, in my opinion, the unsung heroes of the dinner table.

Week 7 – All About Bread and A Butter Recipe

Yoozer. I don’t know where to begin following last week’s Bread class. Hear the highlights & get a butter recipe perfect for a holiday menu.

Week 8 – Pastry Class Is My Favorite

I’ll need to learn to stop licking the bowl if I’m ever going to be a professional pastry chef. So many sweet treats this week!!

Week 9 – Wine Pairing and Meal Planning

In week nine we learned about wine pairing and menu planning. We also ate and drank all of the things. Come read to play along at home.

Week 10 – Braise Culinary School Graduation Dinner

Here it is! The big recap post from this weekend’s Braise Culinary School graduation dinner. So many pictures, you don’t need many words from me.


*This cooking school experience was partially sponsored by Braise. As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to showcase more unique experiences and recipes for you. As always, all opinions are my own. *