My Personality in One Picture

I know you already saw this on my Facebook feed yesterday, but I need to make sure this picture goes down in infamy.

Corgi Dreamers

This picture sums up Maggie in ways nothing else can.

There are spelling mistakes and unnecessary foul language. Cute corgis and dream livin’. There is even a wannabe ballerina with short legs and a little extra around the middle.

God, it is fantastic.

This picture is the kind of thing dad would have printed out and put on the fridge. Stainless steel doesn’t allow for magnets (nor does a brand new kitchen…we’ll have to keep this thing magazine-pretty for as long as we can!), so maybe I’ll put it up in my office. That’s the whole point of this room, right? I’m trying things other people think I can’t do.

(Not sure who to give credit to for this picture. It was sent to me on Facebook. If you’re responsible for this picture, please let me know. I’d like to shake your hand, sir!)

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