End of the Road (With FREE Giveaways!)

It’s time. I’ve hemmed and hawed and done a poor job to find new customers for long enough. It’s time for me to let the flower business go.

In an effort to clean out some of the many items on my to-do list before Eggroll hits the scene, I’ve given a lot of thought to my professional (and semi-professional) endeavors. (In case you are confused by this ever-changing list, the current front-runners are flower business, yoga teaching/coaching and writing.) I’m trying to see what interests me the most, but also what has the biggest opportunity for professional growth.

In all reality, the flower business probably gives me the best chance of bringing in a decent amount of dough anytime in the near future. Sure, this would require I either have staff that does the actual flower assembly, which removes the “hand-crafted by the artist” touch or I do it myself and go bonkers from staring at a needle too long. (If I didn’t have staff, it isn’t scale-able since there are only so many hours in my day.)

On the other hand, I realize Pablo was right. When I first started MTOD, she told me that I would be excited to make baby stuff once I was at that point in my life. The literal meaning in this statement is not true (there are 8 million people out there who already make flower headbands for babies…I don’t need to be added to the mix), but the sentiment is. Now that I am beyond the wedding stage of my life, staying in that industry day-in and day-out does not interest me that much more than social work or technology automation did.

In 2014, I am much more interested to see where writing and yoga can take me. These two directions seem limitless. I’m hoping I can grow these potential careers within the confines provided by a new baby and a limited fund for day care. I’m assuming both will be personally beneficial as I’ll have so much more to write about and a body that will need to get back into physical shape and a brain that will need a new mental balance. Let’s just see how I can make a buck or two at the same time.

So here we are with me hanging my head in slight embarrassment as I quietly take down my virtual shingle. I will keep up the web site and absolutely be available for friends as this next round gets married, but the Etsy store is gone and my time at the wedding shows is over. Many, many articles and books have told me that most entrepreneurs go through several business ideas before they get to the right one for them. I knew the flower business was never going to be what I did for the rest of my life, but I’ll remind myself of this daily as I figure out what endeavor does lead to a better place for me.

I have learned A TON over the last two years – infinitely more than I did for the 10 years of professional life I lived before then. This year, when the Wednesday before Thanksgiving hits and I have my “Freedom Party” it won’t be from an employer who didn’t know how to use me. Instead, it will be from the weight that’s been on my shoulders reminding me to either poo or get off the pot. Thanks, Pot… it’s been fun, but I’m outta here.

And speaking of free… I have inventory I need to get rid of! I have a limited selection of bracelets, toddler- to adult-sized headbands, bobby pins, and necklaces to unload. Also, I have three stunning Christmas tree skirts with accompanying stockings and ornaments that I would really like to see go to a good home. Please check out the pictures below and let me know if you’d like anything by leaving a comment or contacting me directly.

The cost to you – FREE!* Yep, I appreciate I am so fortunate to pick what I do to bring in some cash, so I’m throwing that gratitude out to you in the way of free stuff. If that doesn’t sit well with you, you are welcome to contribute whatever you think is an appropriate amount to the Arthritis Foundation, the charity I have donated to with MTOD from the start.

*OK, one caveat… I will gladly meet up with you within the Milwaukee area for free. But if you need items shipped to you, I would ask for you to cover the shipping costs. Depending on what you would like, I don’t expect this to be more than $5, which I would ask for via PayPal.

Check out the pictures below and let me know what strikes your fancy. I’ll put notes below the pictures as things are reserved.

Fabric Flower Bobby Pins Free
Bobby Pins – 1 set flower pattern, 4 sets burnt orange available
Small Flower Headbands for Girls and Women
Headbands for toddlers to adults – hot pink flower on royal blue band, flower pattern flower on hot pink band, flower pattern fabric on tan band, and mint flower on light brown band
Black headbands with large fabric flowers
Black headbands with large flowers – 1 leopard print, 1 shiny turquoise, and 1 pink flannel flower available
Fabric Flower Necklaces
Fabric Flower Necklaces, all on silver chain. Orange and yellow, mint green, orange, leopard print (SOLD), royal blue (SOLD), and flower pattern available
Fabric flower bracelets
Bracelets – mustard on silver bracelet, eggplant on black, denim on silver, shiny turquoise on silver, and pink flannel on black available


Zipper Flower Pin Giveaway
One turquoise zipper pin SOLD!


fabric flower pins and clips
Fabric flower clips – all have an alligator clip and traditional pin back.
One red and white seersucker, two shiny turquoise, three ivory linen and a BUNCH of leopard print flowers available



Purple and Silver Christmas decorations – 1 tree skirt, 2 white stockings, 3 purple stockings available
Red, cream and black tree skirt perfect for a skinny tree available with some ornaments
red, cream and black Christmas stockings
2 Black and cream stockings – SOLD and 1 red stocking – SOLD
Gold and Red Christmas
1 gold and red tree skirt, 1 red satin stocking and 1 gold and white brocade stocking available

Happy shopping!


  1. Congrats on an epic two year journey and best wishes for your next project! You’ve truly been an inspiration to me. I would happily take a leopard print necklace off your hands (and if you end up with other leopard accessories to spare). RAWR!

  2. Jessica Gosz Nave

    Best of luck on the new adventures! I’ll take the black and cream and red stockings off your hands. They’ll match the dress skirt I bought from you a few years ago!

  3. You are too cute. Did I say that I love your writing style? I think I did 🙂 Sometimes it’s best to say no, and make room for future endeavors. Good for you!

  4. I love how open you are to self-transformation (or idealization cuz your just being more authentically you, really). I love the toddler headband and turquoise zipper barrette, if available.

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