Cranberry Jam Two Ways

It was ’round about this time last week, when I finished taking pictures for these recipes in my new “office” (i.e. the kitchen at Angelic) when I realized that life is pretty unbelievable sometimes. Here I was getting paid to create recipes and share my delicious ideas with the world. Life is rough sometimes. This is not one of those times.Spiced Cranberry Holiday Appetizer

Since it looks like one of my next challenges is to get more people to the Angelic Bakehouse web site, please consider this your invitation to go take a gander and grab my recipe for spiced cranberry jam. This recipe was inspired by my extra Braise cooking class I did with my girlfriends a couple weeks ago. They gave us a very similar recipe, but as I discovered when making their farro salad, all of the Braise recipes take a little finagling to make work in a home kitchen. I guess my kitchen just doesn’t have the same magic as the one in the restaurant.

The combination of pepper, orange, and cinnamon screams “winter”, but in a good way. The red of the cranberry couldn’t be more jewel-tone Christmas if it tried.Spiced Cranberry Jam is easy to make.

I’m making another batch of the jam for my “spread spread” (puns come in handy at the new gig!) I’m doing for Randy’s family Christmas. We’ll have Angelic bread to toast and this, my lemon herb butter, dark chocolate peanut butter, and a sugar-free strawberry jam I had in the freezer after making this summer. Should be perfect for our brinner celebration.

This spicy cranberry jam is perfect for grown-up toast and kiddo PBJs. Make it in under 30 minutes.

Another way to use this jam is to spread it on a flatbread, like our Flatzza, with cream cheese, pecans, and rosemary (thanks Dawn!). You know that easy appetizer recipe of unwrapping a block of cream cheese, topping it with jelly and serving with Ritz crackers? Consider this the much-less-white-trash version of those same flavors. Get that recipe here.

Cranberry jam, cream cheese and flatbread make a perfect holiday appetizer. Recipe at

As you’re looking through the web site, please let me know if you find any errors. I keep bumping into new ones as I go to pages for the first time. It’ll be sparkling clean in no time!

Thanks and enjoy!


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