I’ve Got Travel Bugs In My Gut

March was a big month for travel. The first weekend I went to California for a work trade show. The next week Randy went skiing with buddies in California. The third Saturday took the two of us to Chicago for our first overnight away from Eggroll where we did all sorts of grownup things like eat dinner at 7pm and sleep past 8. Finally, as this post goes live I should be somewhere over Iowa returning from a long weekend in Phoenix.


Since I get all philosophical on vacation, what has this month taught me?

I have a bad case of the travel bugs and I don’t want to cure it.

Some of this travel was with Eggroll and that was fantastic. I want her to be comfortable on planes and interested in trying new things. On this trip to Arizona, she got to meet new friends and see new sites. Will she remember any of it? Of course not. But hopefully we are instilling in her the basic lessons of airplane manners, a love for exploring, and a curiosity to try new foods.

More selfishly, I love seeing the clouds from the top side. I love taking in the view from a new hotel’s window and trying to figure out if any of the 14 pillows on the bed will actually work for me. (Fact: they won’t.)

Did I miss Eggroll while we weren’t together? Sure. But I also loved getting room service and people watching at the airport.

The point of this post is to say ***NEWSFLASH*** traveling is fun.

As we start thinking about a Pot Sticker, I have a million fears and worries. After this month, a lot are travel-based. Will I be trapped at home again? How would we handle chasing after two kids instead of just one? Would that feel like vacation or a marathon? Will we ever eat out for dinner on vacation again??

Yep, it’s a tough life I lead with real gut-wrenching questions to ponder (she says ever so sarcastically.) And yet these questions truly do keep me up at night. Or wake me up in the morning. Or maybe that’s just the good ole “vacation is almost over, time to be sad” belly flops.

Ah Gut, you always speak the truth, don’t you?

P.S. One more great thing about traveling? Coming home. Oh bed, how I’ve missed you! We shall have a great reunion this evening.

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