Ginger Carrots Finally Make Me Like Salads

When I was pregnant with Eggroll, I discovered a love for all things ginger. In an effort to look like a grown-up, I drank a lot of (non-alcoholic) ginger beer in place of the real stuff at dinner. Those drinks woke me up to a zing-y flavor profile that I started enjoying in Asian-inspired stir fries and even a real cocktail this last Christmas season.

New Ginger Product – Zymbiotics Jeff’s Ginger Zarrots

Zymbiotics Ginger ZarrotsWhen I was introduced to Zymbiotics earlier this year, I knew just what product I wanted to try – the Jeff’s Ginger Zarrots! These zippy shredded carrots are the perfect addition to any dish that needs a little dressing up. I’ve started using them on all my basic green salads. The ginger flavor is so strong, I only need a tiny amount of dressing for a big bowl of greens. I also made a healthy Brussel sprouts coleslaw with these bad boys that paired perfectly with a healthy fish “fry” (baked in the oven) this Lenten season.

What flavors do you like to pair with ginger?

Why Fermented Foods?

Zymbiotics_CarrotsFermented foods such as these carrots and Zymbiotics other products – Jeff’s Zauerkraut and Jeff’s Zimchi – are having a moment right now and for good reason. They improve digestion by affecting the bacteria content in your gut. I never thought I’d hear doctors talking about my “gut” in any discussion that didn’t involve the post-pizza bloat, but if you’ve seen any commercial starting Jamie Lee Curtis recently, this is not news to you.

You can get all scientific about it if you like, but I’ll leave it at this… Somehow these carrots leave me feeling more full AND more cleaned out at the same time. They taste good and they don’t scare away the rest of the family. Do I really need to say more?

If you live in southeastern Wisconsin, you can find Zymbiotics at Outpost, Woodmans, or a bunch of other stores. If you try these carrots, I would love to know how else you use them. It only takes a tablespoon to add flavor to a whole dish, so this jar will last awhile!


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