Grateful For Things That Make Me Go “MMMMM”

In this month’s edition of “Grateful For”, I celebrate the best part about fall. It’s time to get comfortable! To snuggle. To get out of the swimsuits and wedding-going attire and into the big sweatshirts and under fluffy blankets.This go ’round, I’m especially grateful for other things that make this pregnant lady comfortable just when things were starting to get a bit hurty.

Pre-Natal Massages (and Exercise Goals)

Prenatal MassageSince I gave up running 5ks (and have given up running at all at least through March…), I needed a personal challenge to get off the couch and on my feet.  Answer: for every 500 minutes of exercise I do, I’ll treat myself to a massage. Brilliant, no?

It helps that I had gift certificates for two massages already in hand, so the financial output isn’t that great, but with all the Groupon deals out there for new spas and places like Massage Envy, I don’t think it will be that bad. (If you are truly on a budget, may I recommend splurging on high quality lotion, handing it to your significant other and saying “it’s the least you can do”? 🙂 )

Last Friday, I enjoyed my first massage at the Well Spa at the Pfister in Milwaukee. There were a few differences between a traditional massage and a prenatal massage, namely that you can’t lay on your belly, but it still was perfectly delightful. My hips and feet are much happier now.

The spa itself was amazing. Each room has its own private bathroom with fancy shower and amenities, so you can change in there vs. walking through a locker room. Another visit here is going on my Christmas wish list!

Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow

Prenatal Pillow from Bump NestY’all talked me into getting a prenatal pillow after I said I didn’t want to take up too much of the bed. Well, this monster may get more space than Randy, but boy is it worth it! Recently one of the new blogs I follow offered up a great review with coupon and free shipping for a Bump Nest pillow, so I decided to try this one.

The candy cane shape is just enough pillow so it doesn’t take up the whole bed and the removable pillow case is t-shirt fabric soft. So far, I have mastered the “pool floaty” where I form the pillow almost into a full circle with legs over one side and my head resting on the other. Reading in bed is much easier with arms resting on the outside. Also, I like the “paisley”, where I curl up with the short end of the candy cane, but bring in the tail behind me and stack my legs in a fetal position. So cozy!

Yes, I may have spent a little more to get a pretty pillow vs. a strictly functional one, but I love that they use their scraps to make hats for newborns. Eco-friendly and kind.

Sunday Dinners Full of Comfort Food Yummies

Beef Stew Recipes from Cooking Light MagazineSure, I (once again) ignored my list of real to-dos (I still don’t have pictures on the walls!), but after vacuuming and grocery shopping, I was able to putz around in the kitchen working on dinner for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was the perfect way to spend a (non-napping) Sunday! I made this beef dish from the new Cooking Light magazine and a cheesy cauliflower concoction that was a staple in my house growing up.

Apple cider and a rice krispy treat made up dessert. Comfort food defined!

So what’s keeping you comfortable as we head into the colder months?!


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