Four Teaching Updates and One Personal One

I am officially back in the swing of things when it comes to my job at the Wisconsin Athletic Club. I may not be able to do a pilates teaser myself yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t teach you how! Here are some updates to my training schedule.

Work One-on-One With Me FOR FREE!

In addition to teaching group classes, I am adding in personal training services at the North Shore branch. I’m not going to use the traditional machines. Instead, I’ll help people reach their goals through yoga and pilates methods.

Had a baby? Let’s do some pilates and get that core back in shape. Knee injury? Let’s do some hip strengthening yoga stretches to help you get stronger all up and down the leg! Want to perfect your Warrior II? I’m your gal.

Before I go out and market myself to the masses, I would love to work with two to four people with any goal. I hope to mostly work with pregnant women and new mamas, so if you fall into that category, all the better. No worries if not! I believe you do have to be a WAC member though.  I will meet with these people for up to three-hour long sessions at the North Shore WAC.

So who’s in?? Contact me and let’s get you stronger ASAP!

Yogalates for New Mommies

Speaking of new mamas, I am offering a new class at the North Shore branch on Mondays at 10:30 am just for you! In this class, we’ll use pilates and yoga to work through physical ailments and the mental anguish that typically plague this special group of women. While I’ll help with backache, I’ll also give you plenty of time to just focus on you and be quiet. Ah, the opportunity to be quiet. People without kids, enjoy this luxury. I can’t tell you how much I miss it!

You don’t have to be a member for this class, which is called Pre/Postnatal Yogalates on their schedule. Member rate is $50 and nonmembers pay $85 for this seven week session. There is also a drop-in option of $10 ($15 nonmembers) if you can’t commit to the whole time. Kid care is available. (Your kiddos can come hang out with Miss Eggroll!!)

There will be a free try-it session on Monday, June 23rd. Call North Shore at 414/228-2800 to sign up.

Prepare for the Weekend Yoga on Fridays

If you happen to be off at 10:30 on Friday mornings, come join me for a complimentary 55-minute yoga class (for members), also at the North Shore branch. Nothing fancy here, just a good opportunity to stretch and get strong for anyone who’s interested. I will be teaching this class June 20th through August 29th with the exception of July 4 and 11.

Other Classes

This isn’t new, but just a reminder that I’m still teaching Barre Burner at the Downtown branch of the WAC on Tuesday nights at 6:45. We will have a complimentary try-in session on Tuesday, June 24th. The new seven week session starts July 8th. Pricing is the same as the Yogalates class above. Call Downtown at 414/212-2000 to sign up.

I will also teach some pilates classes at North Shore at 10 am on the following Saturdays: June 21, July 5, August 23 and August 30. This is also a complimentary class for members. No sign-up necessary.

My Personal Update

Fruits and Veggies for 2014 Clean Eating Challenge
Here we go!

I debated sharing this with y’all, because honestly, I’m not sure if I’m going to make it all the way through. I told Randy this and he said that’s all the more reason I need to broadcast to the world that this week starts an eleven week clean eating challenge for me. Except for two cheat meals per week, I’m not to eat any alcohol, sugar of any kind, or anything that has an ingredient on the package that I couldn’t find on a farm. I’m feeling pretty confident about it…next week.

It starts with a five-day raw “detox”. Honestly, if I knew this was a part of it, I’m not sure I would have done the challenge. Five days with just fresh (i.e. cold) fruit, veggies and nuts is a LONG time. I’m writing this on Monday night and am already having cravings. Interestingly enough, it’s not for cheese, bread, or chocolate. Just for something hot. If I could warm up corn and tomato salad, that would be WORLDS better than another green salad. (She says on day one… This is going to be a long week!)

Anyway, I didn’t want to give this its own post, but there you go. Ask me about it as the summer rolls on, so I don’t get too far off course. I can do anything for 90 days, right?

So what’s new with you?

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