A PSA To All My Ladyfriends

Ladies, think twice about what you flippantly post on Facebook with a casual tag of your husband.

If you aren’t careful this:

“Hey Randy, did you see this? I want this for my birthday!”

Man with Corgi Shirt

Might turn into this:

A Lady and Her Corgi

Yes, that is Noah on my shirt. This might be the ugliest picture I’ve allowed of me on the internet, but it is the best present I got for this and the last several birthdays. Life is not complete until you’ve owned a corgi T-shirt. Many thanks to Randy for creating it for me.

P.S. Noah got a “I’m disabled” pass for me trying to put him in a shirt. Though he did love the couch snuggles. It’s been a few years (ahem, since Randy’s been around, ahem) since he’s been allowed on the furniture. We stayed there for awhile!

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