My First Letter to Eggroll

Dearest Eggroll,

This is the last few hours that I will know nothing about you. We soon find out if you are a boy or a girl, healthy or not. But for now it’s all in my imagination.

I have my fingers crossed that you are a girl, but really feel like you are a boy. If so, I can’t wait to teach you how to be a gentleman. The ladies are going to love you! I’m sure you will have blond hair and probably gray/blue eyes seeing as both of your parents did. Seriously, I can picture exactly what you’ll look like as a toddler seeing as your dad and I look like siblings in our childhood pics. I hope you ultimately get his height – less so if you are a girl, but still closer to his end of the scale. I don’t want you to be a midget like your mom no matter what your gender.

My_hope_for_my_babyI hope you learn to like to read and to cook and to play one sport at least averagely well. If you pick up a musical instrument, I hope it’s something big and ridiculous like a trumpet or drums. Lesson #1 – go big or go home, little one. When it comes time to pick a profession, I hope you go with life-fulfilling vs. big time money-making, though it would be sweet if you were able to find something that provided both.

I hope you love to travel as much, if not more so than your dad and I. I hope some day you invite me to join you on an adventure, just the two of us. Perhaps to Paris or the Grand Canyon or to the North Pole.

On the other hand, I hope you always know where home is and you have friends that mean the world to you. I sure hope you’re not as much of a crier as I am, but that you are a sentimental gush-pop. Life’s too short not to find the beauty in everything.

I hope you love dogs and frankly, that you are allergic to cats. I hope you request a guinea pig as your 9-year-old birthday present instead of a lizard. I really hope I’m not at home when you come charging in with a broken baby raccoon that needs fixing.

I pray that you are healthy. That we only need the hospital for a couple broken bones and a stomach bug. I hope you test the rules every now and then, but never put yourself (or someone else) in harm’s way. I hope you know to always call home when something feels off. I hope you try drinking and pot when the time is right, but leave the rest of the mind-altering substances alone. I can’t wait to laugh together about those experiences years after they happened. Oh, and your grandpa will haunt you if you ever put a cigarette to your lips.

I hope you get your heart broken (and break a few yourself) a few times before you find the heart that makes you whole. More importantly, I hope you find YOU first before you commit to someone else. I hope you learn when to best use your “sirs” and “m’ams”. I hope that you and I can make it through the middle school years and have a great relationship as grown-ups.

See you on the screen tomorrow!

I love you,

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