A Corgi On Parade

The other man in my life is currently at the second favorite hotel in my first favorite city of the world, so we are going to thumb are nose his direction and focus on Noah instead.


After all, Noah was the first love of my adult life. From the first moment I brought him home, to watch his ears pop up and bath him after he peed in his cage every. single. day, I was in love with this little guy.

Baby Corgi!

Most of the time, I think he loves me back. He likes to snuggle, go for walks, and simply hang with mama. But those big ole ears attached to his normal-sized head have made it hard to sneak around our house. Particularly if he hears a cat!

Corgi Ears

But only if it’s not nap time.*

Corgi_In_His_House*Please note that I have tried to give him new cages and beds that are the appropriate size, but Diego here is more interested in his original bed. I guess after that daily pee break at the beginning he definitely knows it’s his…

Noah was always a pretty happy dude, but his tail would only wag when a treat or cookie was in sight. That was until this guy joined our family.

Our Family at Thanksgiving

It took awhile, but they won over each other and I now think they could live happily ever after without me.

Noah is not a huge fan of camping, nor too long of walks. He’s been known ┬áto have bloody toes and drink gallons of water while flopping down around the area for hours after both activities.Camping_Corgi But he is absolutely great with visitors, making sure they feel welcome AND leave with a momento (or 10,000) attached to their clothes.Corgi Enjoying His Morning Coffee Noah wouldn’t make a great workhorse, but he is very good at supervising.

Here he was helping Randy address wedding invitations.Corgis_At_WorkIn this video, he was trying to prove that corgis can in fact be ballerinas.

And here he was making sure my camera lens was clean.Pembroke Welsh Corgi Close-Up Here he was assisting with a centipede removal.

And finally, there was the time he helped us move into our new house. All of those people and boxes to maneuver around made for a very tired little man.Pooped Corgi But through it all, he is the most fantastic dog this woman could possibly ask for. He knows when to make me laugh. When to sit quietly and be petted. And when to still be that adorable little guy hanging in the kitchen with me. He does it just as well now as he did on day three together.Handsome Noah

You’re awesome, little buddy.


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