Poll: What Do You Want To Learn?

Next month, we’re going back to school! Yes I’m going to culinary school, but you might be going to gardening school, getting your masters degree, or finding your place in your child’s PTA. I’m all about any reason to buy new notebooks and pens!

Even without a formal plan, I’m a big believer in lifelong learning. (Either that, or I buy certifications like other women buy purses… I seem to get a new one every six months.) This September, I’m going to give you a lesson a day. Yes, for the low, low price of ahem, nothing, I’ll tell you all you need to know about what I know each day for 30 days straight.

So what can I teach you?*

Here’s a quick poll to help me plan. Please fill it out and help me narrow down the options.

(If the poll isn’t loading, please click on the picture. No, Advanced Lessons in WordPress won’t be on my curriculum vitae quite yet…)

What do I teach you next poll?

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If I didn’t touch on the lesson you’d like to learn and/or if you have specifics, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

As an added bonus, I might even create some youtube videos. Eek. Guess I better learn stage makeup and video production over the weekend, huh?

* I’m dumping all my knowledge here on the blog in September, but I hope y’all don’t think I’m a know-it-all because I sure don’t. As any good professor says at the start of class, I want this to be a discussion, not a lecture. If you disagree or have something to add, please always feel free to share. Let’s learn from each other!


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